Euthanasia Services for Pets

When it’s time for your pet to pass on, our team is here to help you through the process. All the years that you spent creating a unique bond of happiness and friendship with your loyal companion make it incredibly difficult to make this decision. As animal lovers, we understand your pain and will do our best to provide you with support. Euthanasia is a last resort that our doctors recommend when all other treatments to heal a pet suffering from a chronic illness have failed. When your pet’s quality of life decreases, it may be time to speak with a veterinarian. To find out what your options are, we encourage you to call us at 905-576-3344.

Will my pet feel any pain during euthanasia?

No, your pet doesn’t feel any pain during euthanasia. This procedure is performed to ensure that your pet passes away in a gentle and painless way. We first administer a sedative to keep them calm, then give them the euthanasia medication intravenously. The drug takes effect almost immediately as it stops all brain activity and organ function.

Can I stay with my pet during euthanasia?

Absolutely. You can stay with your furry friend for as long as you need to before and after the procedure. We give pet owners time to say their final goodbye in peace.