Parasite Control and Prevention for Pets

Parasites don’t only pose a danger to your pets. Humans within your household can also get them. These types of parasites are defined as zoonotic as they can transfer between different species. If your pet becomes infected, it is imperative that they get treatment right away. If left untreated your pet can develop Lyme disease and rabies, suffer from organ damage or even succumb to the infestation. Fortunately, we have a parasite control and prevention program that can keep harmful parasites away from your pet all year round. We encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

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What types of parasites can affect my pet?

The parasites that can infect your pet are categorized as internal and external parasites. Internal parasites are extremely dangerous as some of them are zoonotic. Some internal parasites are:

  • Coccidia
  • Heartworm
  • Roundworm (zoonotic)
  • Hookworm (zoonotic)
  • Whipworm (zoonotic)
  • Tapeworm (zoonotic)

Some external parasites are fleas, ticks, ringworm and mange mites.

How do I know if my pet has parasites?

The signs of parasites vary based on the type of parasite that your pet is infected with. External parasite symptoms are usually seen much earlier as they affect the fur and skin. Regardless of the type of parasite that your pet has, you should contact your veterinarian at the first sight of parasites as they can be extremely harmful. Here are some signs you can look out for:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Sudden weight loss
  4. Red bumps
  5. Protruding lumps
  6. Swollen belly
  7. Hair loss
  8. Coughing
  9. Itching and scratching

Please contact us immediately if you notice any signs. Call us at 905-576-3344 to book an appointment.

What is the best way to protect my pet from parasites?

At East Oshawa Animal Hospital, we want to ensure that your pet is protected through all the seasons which is why we recommend a year-round plan. A huge part of our prevention program is working with pet parents to create a routine that fights parasite infestations. Even if your pet only stays indoors they still need protection as infections can lead to death.

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