Blog: Dog and Cat

Bloodwork Services for Pets

Blood tests are necessary to determine what is making your pet uncomfortable or ill. Our hospital has an in-house laboratory to perform various tests in order to understand your pet’s health. Bloodwork is a routine part of veterinary care that all pets will need at some point.

Behavioural Counselling

Bad behaviours in your pet should not be ignored as they can lead to some serious problems. It’s normal for younger pets to be a bit mischievous, but when their actions move towards aggression or signs of anxiety it is time to seek help. About 15% of pet owners experience…

Arthritis Services for Pets

 Aging can make your loyal companion’s joints and bones get weaker. Arthritis is chronic joint pain and inflammation that leads to stiffness or problems with mobility in your pet. Our veterinary care team has doctors who have years of expertise in treating arthritis and pain management.