Arthritis Services for Pets

Aging can make your loyal companion’s joints and bones get weaker. Arthritis is chronic joint pain and inflammation that leads to stiffness or problems with mobility in your pet. Our veterinary care team has doctors who have years of expertise in treating arthritis and pain management. To learn more about how we can help your pet with arthritis, please call us at 905-576-3344.

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What are signs that my pet has arthritis?

The signs of arthritis manifest based on the severity of the disease. Your pet will try to hide their pain and avoid doing certain tasks, here are some examples:

  1. Reluctance to be active
  2. Difficulty going up and down the stairs
  3. Limping
  4. Yelping when touched 
  5. Excessively licking at their joints
  6. More cautious when sitting down or standing up

How does my pet develop arthritis?

Arthritis is commonly referred to as the “wear and tear” disease. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis found in pets. As your pet gets older the cartilage that separates their bones begins to wear down. Because there is nothing separating the bones they rub against each other which results in inflammation and pain.

How is arthritis treated in pets?

Our doctors will examine your pet’s symptoms and perform testing if necessary to diagnose and treat their symptoms. To treat arthritis they may recommend nutritional supplements, pain medication, laser therapy or surgery. 

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