Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Many pet parents choose their pet’s foods based on how much their pet likes it, but nutrition should always be the main factor you consider. Even after you’ve selected nutritious foods for your pet you need to make sure they are eating the right amount and a veterinarian is the right person to help you figure this out. Nutritional counselling is a veterinary visit where we address all of these concerns. Our team has nutritionists who can expertly recommend foods that give your pet nourishment while still being delicious.

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Why does my pet need nutrition counselling?

Nutrition counselling is designed to give you information and tips on how to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. Here are some benefits of nutritional counselling:

  1. Regular nutrition checkups keep you and your veterinarian on the same page. Your pet is constantly growing and changing, so our veterinarians need to keep track of their development. Our team can re-evaluate and determine what your pet needs to foster development and growth for their breed and age.
  2. Nutritional counselling teaches pet parents about portion control. Nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all so the serving directions on food labels should only be used as guidelines. The expert advice we provide can help you avoid overfeeding your pet.
  3. You can improve and prolong your pet’s life by following our recommendations. Obesity, malnourishment, allergies, skin and coat disorders are conditions that may develop in your pet from poor nutrition.
  4. You learn which foods are best for senior pets, kittens, puppies and adult pets. At every stage of your pet’s development their diet should complement their growth. If your pet has a pre-existing condition such as diabetes or kidney disease they will also require a specific diet.

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What are the best foods for my pet?

Certain factors such as your pet’s breed, age and health status are critical when deciding what foods are the best. Our veterinarians are very knowledgeable about all the foods that are available for your furry friend. They can recommend formulations that are best-suited for your pet, which you can purchase in our hospital.

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