Veterinary Exam

As humans, we attend checkups with our family doctors to ensure that we are in good health. Veterinary exams have the same purpose for your furry friends. A veterinary exam is just one form of preventative care we offer at our hospital. These exams give peace of mind that your pet is healthy and developing to their full potential. Regardless of your pet’s age or breed, it’s imperative that they have routine veterinary exams.

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What happens during a veterinary exam?

We begin with a physical examination of your pet. We check for skin problems, we measure their growth, weight and check their breathing. Our team will perform various testing including blood, urine and imaging. To understand your pet’s lifestyle our veterinarian may ask about their behaviours, eating habits and how much exercise they get. We also perform diagnostics and based on the results from the tests, we may prescribe medication, dietary changes or exercises to improve their condition. The entire process helps us detect problems and ensure your pet is developing properly for their age and breed.

When should my pet have a veterinary exam?

Your pet’s first veterinary exam should be scheduled as soon as your pet joins your family. Our veterinarians will be able to assess their health and give insights on how to give them the best care. Following this initial exam, all pets should have a veterinary exam once every year, however certain factors like health and age affect how often they need to see a vet.

How often should a puppy/kitten have a veterinary exam?

Younger pets are particularly vulnerable and will need more than one veterinary exam each year. Your puppy or kitten should have three exams each year. (Their vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchipping procedure also happen during their first year of life.)

Your senior pet will need more frequent veterinary exams. In order to monitor and detect any health issues they need two veterinary visits each year. To schedule an exam for your pet, please give us a call at 905-576-3344.

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