Orthopedic Services for Pets

Orthopedic problems really take a toll on your pet’s quality of life. At our hospital we want your cherished pets to enjoy every moment of their life as opposed to just enduring it. We perform various surgeries and different forms of therapy to ease the pain that pets may experience. If your loyal companion is showing signs of an orthopedic issue, reach out to us as we will do everything we can to alleviate their pain.

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What are signs that my pet has an orthopedic condition?

Orthopedic problems usually mean that your furry friend is experiencing pain that can be mild or severe. In the early stages, your pet will try to hide the pain, so by the time you start to notice symptoms the problem has worsened. Some signs that you should look for are:

  • Limping or stiffness when walking 
  • Reluctance to run or jump
  • Difficulty going up and down the stairs
  • Weight loss

Contact a veterinarian immediately when you see any of these signs. Our team can diagnose their condition and get them on a treatment plan. Call 905-576-3344 to book an appointment.

What are some orthopedic problems in pets?

Your pet is susceptible to orthopedic conditions due to their age, breed and weight. Sometimes, orthopedic conditions can develop from accidents. Some common conditions that we see in pets include:

  1. Fractures
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Arthritis
  4. Torn ligaments
  5. Disc disease

What support is available for my pet suffering from an orthopedic condition?

Before we can provide treatment or support to your pet we first diagnose their condition. We perform diagnostic tests like imaging to get a clear picture of their bones. Once we’ve diagnosed their condition we prescribe oral medications, rehabilitation or surgery. Our hospital performs a variety of orthopedic surgeries, however in some complex cases we may refer our patients to a specialist. These specialists are board-certified orthopedic surgeons who perform advanced procedures.

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