Microchipping for Pets

As your cherished pet’s guardian you hope to never get separated from them, however, there is no guarantee that it can’t happen. A broken fence, loose leash or door accidentally left open are some simple ways your pet may wander off. To increase your chances of a happy reunion, we recommend ID tags and microchips. ID tags are your pet’s first safety net. If they are damaged or lost, then microchips can help get your pet back home. A microchip is a rice-grain-sized chip that is permanently placed inside your pet.

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How do microchips work?

During the procedure, a tiny computer chip is inserted under your pet’s skin between the neck and shoulder blade. The chip has an ID number that is linked to the manufacturer’s database. We will help you upload your contact information and safety details about your pet to the database. If your lost pet is found and brought into a shelter or clinic, a microchip reader will be used to scan the area. Once a chip is detected the scanner generates the ID number, the manufacturer is given the number and they contact you with the whereabouts of your pet.

When can I get my pet microchipped?

Typically, most pets get microchipped when they are 6 to 8-weeks-old. We encourage you to discuss with our veterinarians when would be the right time to have your pet microchipped. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 905-576-3344 to book an appointment.

Is the process painful for my pet?

Not at all. The only discomfort your pet may feel is the pinch of the needle inserting the chip, it feels like getting an injection. If your pet is anxious or scared our veterinarian may sedate them to make the process easier. Another alternative is to have your pet microchipped during spay or neuter surgery since they are already under anesthesia.

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